Performance of Screen OCC: 2D-OFDM vs. A-QL

In the previous posts, the implementation demo and the implementation guidance of the Screen-OFDM system were shown. The measured performance comparison between Screen-OFDM and a traditional A-QL in IEEE 802.15.7m is reported in this post. Overview of 2D-OFDM vs A-QL A-QL is the single-carrier modulation while 2D-OFDM is the multi-carrier modulation approach applied for the … Continue reading Performance of Screen OCC: 2D-OFDM vs. A-QL

Generation of Screen-OFDM

In the previous post, an implementation demo of the Screen-OFDM system was shown. The detailed generation of Screen-OFDM (2-dimensional OFDM) is described in this post. Index Terms: Optical Camera Communication, OCC, OFDM, optical OFDM, 1D-OFDM, 2D-OFDM,  OFDM-OCC, Screen OFDM. Benefit of OFDM 1) General Benefits The concept of OFDM has reached sufficient maturity for standardization and employment … Continue reading Generation of Screen-OFDM