PPDU: PHY frame format for S2-PSK & HS-PSK

This post reviews the design of the Physical-layer Packet Data Unit (PPDU) for S2-PSK and HS-PSK operating modes within PHY IV of IEEE 802.15.7m. The general structure of PPDU for all OCC Operating modes is illustrated in Figure 1. SHR: Synchronization Header PHR: Physical-Layer Header HCS: Header Check Sequence PSDU: PHY service data unit "Use of over-the-air PHY … Continue reading PPDU: PHY frame format for S2-PSK & HS-PSK

S2-PSK: A choice for RoI-Signaling

S2-PSK is an operating mode being standardized at IEEE 802.15.7m. This post describes what it is for and how it operates.   Technical Considerations for a RoI-signaling Waveform Even though RoI-signaling mode has a very low data rate, it is indispensable to the OCC system operating in a challenging condition such as V2X. The general … Continue reading S2-PSK: A choice for RoI-Signaling