My LiFi demo for ECG transmission

This is a small implementation prepared for our proposal in applying light communication to e-Health. I prepared this demo within a very short time (nearly three weeks) just to test the feasibility of LiFi in transmitting biomedical signal (i.e., ECG). Our demo illustrated that the requirement of communication bandwidth for transmitting the ECG signal can be … Continue reading My LiFi demo for ECG transmission

S2-PSK: A choice for RoI-Signaling

S2-PSK is an operating mode being standardized at IEEE 802.15.7m. This post describes what it is for and how it operates.   Technical Considerations for a RoI-signaling Waveform Even though RoI-signaling mode has a very low data rate, it is indispensable to the OCC system operating in a challenging condition such as V2X. The general … Continue reading S2-PSK: A choice for RoI-Signaling

OCC Standardization Roadmap

OWC Standards under IEEE 802 There are IEEE standards covering the optical spectrum, IEEE 802.15.7-2011 std., known as VLC IEEE 802.15.7m std., (publication in 2018, as expected), including OCC modes IEEE 802.15.13 std., (ongoing), adding LiFi (IEEE 802.15.7-2011 std. is also the base document as IEEE 802.15.7m) IEEE 802.11, introducing LiFi to 802.11 IEEE 802.15 … Continue reading OCC Standardization Roadmap

OCC Use Cases/ Promising Services

Figure 1 - Examples of promising use cases using OCC Various application fields of OCC include Indoor lighting Digital Signage Traffic lighting, V2V, V2X Interactive Display with Screen Augmented Reality experience with Smartphones There are plenty of promising applications with OCC. I have drawn several illustrations to explain "where OCC can be used" and "how … Continue reading OCC Use Cases/ Promising Services

Classification of OCC Technologies

Table 1- Classification of OCC, its expected performance, and intended usages Given that various modulation schemes for OCC systems have been investigated till the date, the proper modulation scheme should depend on both Tx and Rx. Table 1 suggests to classify OCC schemes into four categories under the following considerations: (i) The method by which … Continue reading Classification of OCC Technologies

What is Optical Camera Communication?

Figure 1- Example of  OCC promising services (a) OCC vehicular use case. (b) OCC indoor use case OCC: Optical Camera Communication VLC: Visible Light Communication LiFi: Light Fidelity OWC: Optical Wireless Communication What is Optical Camera Communication? OCC aims to deliver data from the light source(s) to the camera. Artificial lights (LED light) are available everywhere human being … Continue reading What is Optical Camera Communication?