2D-OFDM Code Project

After the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 A-QL color code for Optical Camera Communication, 2D-OFDM is one of the next generation for Mbps data rate transmission from a screen TX to a camera.

Our 2D-OFDM implementation is mature by the employment of MIMO sub-transmitters within a single TX, each sub-transmitter is an independent 2D-multi-carrier modulator.

The 2D-OFDM Code project is cleaned, well-packed and documented. Please download some attached documents as follows for overview of our project.

Technical features of the code project

Here are some of advanced technical features from our 2D-OFDM code project that you may get beneficial from:

TX technical features:

  1. Read a file to transmit; Two-layer Forward Error Correction code; Editable n-QAM modulation
  2. Editable MIMO (to change a number of independent sub-transmitter within a TX)
  3. Editable spatial cyclic-prefix between spatial-OFDM symbols; Editable bolder-size to protect TX
  4. Controllable TX display size as each of tiny-cells are re-sizable.
  5. Controllable clock rate for changing refresh speed of TX

RX technical features:

  1. Multi-tasking and pipeline techniques for real-time image processing
  2. Auto-detection and tracking the transmitter
  3. Re-configurable TX extraction process
  4. Auto-threshold for preamble detection
  5. Re-configurable demodulation process
  6. Real-time data display and BER monitoring

Overall description of 2D-OFDM Code Project

2D-OFDM Software Package User Guide:

Technical Documents for 2D-OFDM System Test:

Our Posts about 2D-OFDM

Video demo:

2D-OFDM Screen-Camera System Demonstration

2D-OFDM System Architecture:

2D-OFDM Generation Processes:

Measured Performance Comparison between 2D-OFDM and the IEEE 802.15.7-2018 A-QL Code: